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What is an IDE & Code editor? with differences

Hey everyone! Today I come with a very interesting topic i.e. What is an IDE & Code editor with differences? I’m writing this article because of my friend who doesn’t know the meaning of IDE and the difference between an IDE & Code editor.

So, let’s begin with IDEs.

What is An IDE?


An IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is a software application used by developers for creating programs.

These are meant to make the developer’s job easier by combining tools that are necessary during software development.

Your typical IDE will contain tools such as:

  • a text editor
  • a compiler and/or interpreter
  • a debugger and code profiler
  • version control integration
  • a number of supporting utilities to interface with external tooling (Docker, cloud deployments, etc.)

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Best IDE Softwares are:-

Best IDE Software
  1. IntelliJ Idea
  2. Microsoft Visual Studio
  3. NetBeans
  4. Eclipse
  5. Code:: Blocks
  6.  Pycharm
  7.  Aptana Studio 3
  8. Xcode
  9. Komodo
  10. RubyMine
  11. JDeveloper
  12. RStudio
  13. Webstorm
  14.  Clion
  15.  Komodo
  16. Codelite
  17. CodeLobster
  18. Android Studio
  19. jGRASP 
  20. Eric 

Many IDEs also include additional, optional features and toolkits. Some are single-language-specific, others support every language you can think of, either out of the box or through plugins.

One thing is certain: the selection is so wide that you will definitely find an IDE that can cover all your needs.

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What is Code Editor?

A code editor is just an editor that edits code, it doesn’t have any integrated programs to program a specific code.

Actually it should be called a source code editor with additional features like syntax highlighting and code formatting.

According to wiki:A source-code editor is a text editor program designed specifically for editing source code of computer programs.”

Source Wikipedia

Advantages of code editors

  • They are more lightweight,
  • The more advanced editors allow you to customize your software development experience with handpicked plugins and tools.
  • They tend to be favored by those who value customizability and don’t mind a little tweaking before they find their bliss.
  • Some code editors are so complex and offer so many extensions that they can easily replace an IDE.

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Best Source code editors in 2020

  1. Atom
  2. Codeshare
  3. Brackets (text editor)
  4. BlueFish
  5. Eclipse (cross-platform, including Linux, macOS, Windows)
  6. Emacs (cross-platform, including Unix, Linux, macOS, Windows)
  7. Gedit (cross-platform, including Linux, macOS, Windows)
  8. Notepad++ (Windows)
  9. SlickEdit (cross-platform, including Linux, macOS, Windows, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX)
  10. Sublime Text
  11. TextMate (macOS)
  12. UltraEdit
  13. vi/Vim (cross-platform, including Unix, Linux, macOS, Windows)
  14. Visual Studio Code (cross-platform, including Linux, macOS, Windows)

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What is the difference between the IDE & Code editor?

IDE & Code editor
  1. An Integrated Development Environment is a complex tool that will have your back during the entire process of software development. However, for smaller projects or those people who would value customization a code, a code editor might be enough.
  2. An IDE is a set of tools that all work together: text editor, compiler, build or make integration, debugging, etc. While code editor doesn’t have the word “integrated” in the name for a reason; it’s just an editor, with additional features like syntax highlighting and code formatting.
  3. In general, IDEs are heavy in size while code editors are light in weight.
  4. An Integrated Development Environment is slow but the code editor is fast.

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