How to setup Eclipse IDE for Python? – 6th Day of Python Series

Hello friends, hope you are doing well. In this article we will discuss about How to setup eclipse ide for python?

Our team got many questions about.

  • How to setup eclipse for python.
  • How to install PyDev plugin in Eclipse.
  • How to Use pydev in Eclipse.
  • How to write a python program in eclipse.

Finally we decided to answer these all in the simplest manner.

Today we will set up Environment for Python in our System.

We will install Eclipse IDE and set up PyDev for running python on our machine.

Eclipse is a modern IDE. IDE stands of Integrated Development Environment, where all the necessary tools for developing your code are integrated into one piece.

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You can use Eclipse to solve your assignments and exercises.

Here are some steps.

  1. Install python in your computer
  2. Install Eclipse IDE
  3. Install PyDev in eclipse
  4. Create your first PyDev project

1.Install Python in your machine

First, we have to install python in our system. Visit python official website and download Python which is suitable for your machine. click – to download.

python tutorial

After downloading Python you will get Python Installer. Follow the steps given in the Installer and install python.

how to setup eclipse ide for python

You can check your python Version by typing the command in your Terminal.

Command – python –version

Now, we have successfully installed Python in our machine. Let’s move to the next step.

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2. Install Eclipse IDE 

Download and Install Eclipse IDE in your System.

Download  Eclipse IDE –

setup eclipse ide for python

After successfully installing Eclipse. Follow the steps below👇🏼

  1. This is welcome screen of eclipse IDE
  2. After we install Eclipse, we have to install the PyDev plugin that allows you to use Eclipse as a Python IDE.

Install PyDev in Eclipse

   In Eclipse click help then marketplace then type PyDev in the Search area.

install pytest in eclipse

Now we are ready to create our first Python project (PyDev project) in Eclipse IDE.

Creating first PyDev project

Navigate to window > perspective > open perspective > other > PyDev

Create a new project by clicking on File -> New -> Project

eclipse ide for python

Choose PyDev -> PyDev Project as shown and click on Next

install python

a. Enter project name, b. Select the latest Grammar Version, c. Configure python interpreter if not already configured

setup enviourment for python

In the pop-up for configuring interpreter, choose ‘Quick Auto-Config’

install python

Click on Finish.

setup eclipse

Your PyDev project will appear in the PyDev Package Explorer. Right click on your project and choose New -> PyDev Module.

eclipse ide for python

For the new PyDev module, enter the name of the package as “src” and name of the module as “solution” and click on Finish

how to use python in eclipse

Double click on in your project to open it in the text editor. Switch to ‘Programming Assignment V4.0’ perspective

Setup eclipse ide for python

Copy the code below and paste it.

Run the code.

  #write your logic here 
  product = num1*num2*num 
  return product
#Provide different values for num1, num2, num3 and test your program product=find_product(7,6,2) print(product)
def find_product(num1,num2,num3):


Can I use Python in eclipse?

Yes, you can use python in eclipse buy installing PyDev plugin in the IDE.

Is Eclipse IDE a good IDE?

Obviously Yes, this is a very good IDE. It has many functionality.

How to add Python 3 as an interpreter in Eclipse?

We covered this topic in this article scroll up.

Is Eclipse a compiler?

Yes, Eclipse has implemented its own compiler called as Eclipse Compiler for Java.

Questions we covered in this article.

How to add python as interpreter in eclipse.

How to use eclipse with PyDev.

Python development with PyDev and eclipse.

How to install and configure pydev and eclipse.

How to do python programming in eclipse IDE.

Thank you for reading, If you have any query regarding this article you can comment below. we will reply as soon as possible.

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