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Fix Error Too Many Redirects in WordPress

Today we are going to learn the most common error in WordPress, Error Too Many Redirects. Let’s get started:-

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Why I’m obtaining Error Too many Redirects in WordPress?

This error sometimes happens thanks to a misconfigured redirection issue. As you recognize that WordPress has SEO friendly uniform resource locator Structure that uses the send operate.

Many different common WordPress plugins additionally use the send practicality. for instance, the WordPress SEO plugin permits you to get rid of the class base from class uniform resource locators by redirecting users to a URL while not the class base. WordPress SSL and cache plugins additionally use redirects

Due to a misconfiguration in any of those redirection tools, your website might find yourself redirecting users to a uniform resource locator that’s truly redirecting them back to the referring uniform resource locator.

In this case, the user’s browser is at bay between 2 pages and therefore you see the error.

Error too several redirects as shown in Google Chrome

How to Solve Too Many Redirects Error in WordPress?

Fix Error Too Many Redirects in WordPress
Fix Error Too Many Redirects in WordPress

The most common misconfiguration that we’ve bumped into repeatedly is once a user has an incorrect uniform resource locator in WordPress Address uniform resource locator or web site Address uniform resource locator settings.

WordPress and web site Address settings

For example, let’s assume that your site’s uniform resource locator is and you move to Settings » General and set it to

Most internet hosts permit you to decide on whether or not you’d wish to add a computer network prefix to your name or have it while not a computer network.

Just in case you had elite to feature computer network to your uniform resource locator, then adding in your WordPress settings can cause the error. Or if you opted to use your domain while not computer network prefix, then adding it with computer network prefix in WordPress settings can cause this error.

How to speed up your WordPress website?
How to speed up your WordPress website?

When a user can come back to, they’re going to be redirected by your server’s configuration to wherever they’re going to be redirected back to by WordPress as a result of that’s what you have got came upon within the settings.

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If your website was operating fine, and you probably did not build any changes to those settings. Then you wish to contact your internet host, as a result of it’s most likely a configuration issue at their finish.

However, if you are doing not have a reliable WordPress hosting supplier, and that they deny having any problems and/or refuse to assist you, then you must take into account switch internet hosts or fix it yourself.

To fix this, you wish to alter your WordPress Address and web site Address. move to Settings » General, amendment your WordPress and web site Address. If you have got your address with computer network prefix, then amendment it to non-www uniform resource locator, and if you have got it with non-www uniform resource locator then add the computer network prefix.

Important: make certain that you simply don’t leave a trailing slash at the top of your uniform resource locator like

Change web site uniform resource locator while not Access to Admin space
In case you don’t have access to the WordPress Admin space, you’ll still update these settings by process them in the wp-config.php file.

Merely hook up with your web site exploitation An FTP consumer. Once you’re connected to your web site, you may realize wp-config.php go in your site’s root directory. you wish to transfer and edit this file employing a text editor like a tablet. Merely add these 2 lines to the file and don’t forget to interchange together with your own domain.


Save the file and transfer it back to your internet server. currently, try and access your WordPress web site. If you continue to can’t access your web site, then try and add your domain with the computer network prefix.

Fixing different send problems
If the previous step didn’t solve your downside, then it’s possible that there’s a plugin issue together with your web site. As we have a tendency to mentioned earlier that many WordPress plugins use redirection techniques to try and do a range of things. we’ll try and assist you to troubleshoot.

First you wish to work out is that plugin is inflicting the difficulty. Did you activate a brand new plugin recently right before this error happened? Did you update plugins right before this error happened? If the solution to any of the higher than queries is affirmative, then it narrows the matter right down to that plugin.

You’ll merely deactivate that plugin by deleting that plugin’s folder from wp-content/plugins/

If you are doing not understand that plugin is inflicting the difficulty, then you’d ought to do some trial and error.

The fastest thanks to doing that is by deactivating all plugins. when deactivation all plugins on your web site, you wish to use FTP to transfer the .htaccess file as a backup. you’ll realize this goes in your site’s root directory. Once you have got downloaded the file, delete it from your server. Currently, try and access your web site.

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This method can permit your server to regenerate a brand new .htaccess file, and since there aren’t any plugins activated, it’ll possibly fix the difficulty. If the error is gone currently, then you recognize surely that it absolutely was a plugin inflicting this error.

The next step is to seek out out that plugin was the offender.

To do this, you wish to transfer and install recent copies of all of your plugins. Activate plugins one at a time and when activating every plugin try and browse many pages on your web site employing a totally different browser as a non-logged in user.

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Hopefully, you may realize the plugin that caused the difficulty.

These square measure all the potential solutions that will fix this “error too several redirects issue” in WordPress. Did any of the higher than the fasten the matter for you? If so, then please allow us to understand within the comments.

Have you ever encountered the error to several redirects issue within the past? however, did you fix it? If you recognize a fix that’s unlisted within the article higher than, then please contribute within the comments below. we’ll make certain to stay the article up so far with any new recommendation from our users.

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