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5 programming languages you should learn in 2020

We area unit aiming to discuss some programming languages that youngsters will devour and begin with it however detain mind that learning one in all these languages ought to vary for the various age teams.

It ought to be in step with their age, interests, and skill to know the ideas.

Let’s take a glance at the best Programming Languages to find out in 2020 for employment and for future prospects:

1. Python Programming Language

Python programming language

The Python language is one of the most popular and easiest programming languages in the world which is not just the choice of young coders but also the best option for experienced programmers.

That’s why I put this language at the top of best programming languages in 2020.

Python syntax is like a regular English language where you don’t need to add comments to the code.

Python code is well enough to explain everything to its reader so kids won’t face any difficulty in understanding python syntax.

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In India, CBSE includes py language in the syllabus, and start focusing on the children’s programming skills.

Because python helps kids a lot in getting a basic grasp on how to think like a programmer.

Designed byGuido van Rossum

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2. Scratch

scratch programming language

It is a block-based programming language, widely used to create animated-stories, arts, music, animations, games, cartoons and much more. a

And children are more fascinated with these types of things and they will produce these superb things on their own by using scratch and which may improve their imagination power and creativity as well.

You can get scratch from

3. Ruby

Ruby programming language

Programming language Ruby is also one of the easiest languages to use and its syntax is like normal English speech.

So just like in python Ruby’s syntax is self-explanatory so it takes less time to explain the code to kids.

The original creator of Ruby is Yukihiro Matsumoto form Japan, in mid 1990s.

It is mostly used for building web applications, someone has to learn Ruby Programming on Rails which introduces more complex concepts and not good for beginners to start with.

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4. Java

Java programming language

This programming language named “Java” is one of the most widely used programming languages to learn but to be very honest it is not beginners’ or intermediates’ favorite language.

Because it is a bit harder than Python or Ruby but kids who are interested in making android applications or game engines and want a deep understanding of coding can pick up this language.
It is designed by James Gosling, in May 23, 1995.

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5. C# Programming Language

C# programming language

Microsoft’s C# is one of the most in-demand languages for jobs in companies and one of the best programming languages in 2020 because its syntax is similar to Java.

Therefore, learning one of these languages becomes easier if you have worked with the other one.

It is generally used to make 3D games (like Unity) or applications for windows,

If your child is interested in making these things, then surely it is the best one.

It has rich class libraries, strong memory backup, automatic garbage collection and also support from .NET.

Developer: Microsoft Corporation

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Learning programming in a very completely different era, at completely different ages is totally different.

These days programming has become fairly easy to be told.

So many straightforward to choose languages square measure there for youths.

Their syntax is simple to be told and youngsters will simply build the basics of writing ideas to use their information much in making some wonderful games or websites.

Teaching programming to youngsters helps in building different skills also.

They become smart in arithmetic, reading and develop smart downside resolution and analytical reasoning skills.

So, now this is over to you, now decide which language do you prefer for your kid?

Thank You!

What do you think?

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