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Alan Heywood writes a stimulating, though sometimes improbable, adventure novel in Amapola.

Alan Heywood writes a stimulating, aleven though occasionally improbable, journey novel in Amapola. What I suggest via way of means of that is that the characters are reputedly very fortunate or have been truly on the proper place, on the proper time. Yet, different scenes are particularly harking back to a James Bond movie. I preferred the humor Alan dabbled during the unconventional and well-liked the sturdy girl characters.


This e- book virtually has a heavy slant closer to the significance of friendships and a pro-Canada theme – which I loved. George Magee, a retired Major, changed into in no way capable of overlook Sakai, a Costa-Rican woman, who no matter the quantity of years that separated them effortlessly stole his coronary heart.

He idea that he changed into doing the proper component via way of means of leaving the younger beauty, however the torment in his coronary heart changed into now no longer eased via way of means of the passage of time.

Now retired, he fills his days with an import-export enterprise that calls for him to go back to Mexico periodically to cope with his customers. His emotional void is stuffed via way of means of his Sister’s family – considering the fact that he does now no longer have one in all his own.

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Sadly, individuals of a drug cartel heartlessly homicide his brother-in-regulation and younger niece, and George is packed with seething anger. When the Canadian authorities requests George to help their conflict on Mexican tablets via way of means of the usage of his enterprise as a cover, he jumps on the risk to strike out in revenge. Fueled via way of means of his anger and his hopes of reconciling with Sakai, George is taken on a exciting journey inside and out of the drug trade.

ISBN#: 101894942130 or 13678189492137

Author: Alan Heywood

Publisher: Zumaya Publications

Written by Prince Chauhan

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