How to clean C Drive on windows and speed up your PC

Clean C drive!, but why? and How ?

As we all know that the “C” drive is very important for most people, or almost all windows because it is the place where their operating system is installed, and all the crucial system files are kept.

Inevitably, this is also the drive that gets filled up most easily due to endless Windows updates, downloaded files that you forget about.

And the fact that by default everything saves to the “C” drive and that is why it is filled up very quickly and sometimes it also reached its end without any reason.

Here I’ll show you how to clean C drive, recover some space, and subsequently get it running nicely and quickly again.

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Delete Useless files using ‘Run Command

Windows has a tendency to hold onto old (and mostly redundant) system files such as thumbnails, Old Windows Update Files, Previous Installations, .exe files, etc. 

For the most part, you can delete these files with any harm to the system and there is no use of these types of files, To do this:-

1. Open Run, Start > Type ‘Run Command’ > Enter.

open run
open run

2. Type ‘clearmgr’ ad than Ok


 3. Click “Disk CleanUp,” then in the new window click “Clean up system files” to open the advanced disk cleanup window.

Disk Space
Disk Cleanup

4. Check all files then click ‘Ok’

disk cleanup
disk cleanup

Clean C Drive directly by “Run Commands”

The Run command on an operating system such as Microsoft Windows and Unix-like systems is used to directly open an application or document whose path is known. wiki

There are various types of Command used in the Run Command Prompt but we are going to use the commands, used to clean-up our drive.

Run Commands
Run Commands

1.  Clean C Drive by Using “%temp% command” 

Open Run Prompt > Type %temp% > Click Ok > Select All > Shift+Del


2. Clean C Drive by Using “temp” Command

Open Run > Type “temp” > Click OK > Select All > Shift+Del


3. Clean C Drive by using “Recent” Command

Open Run Prompt > Type “Recent” > Click Ok > Select All > Shift+Del


4. Clean C Drive by Using “prefetch” command

Open Run Prompt > Type “prefetch” > Click Ok 


Sometimes it asks for ‘permissions to access the folder’, So, allow it and then 

again Select All > Shift+Del

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5. Clean C Drive by Using ‘clearmgr’ Command

Open Run Prompt > Type “clearmgr” > Click Ok 


Then it asks for “Selecting Drive” which you want to clean.

Selecting Drive
Selecting Drive

Select your desirable drive and then click OK 

After clicking Ok it starts compressing and deleting useless files, software versions and much more. It may take some time to complete.

disk cleanup
disk cleanup

6. Clean C Drive by using “services.msc” command

Open Run Prompt > Type “services.msc” > Click Ok 


It will take you to a new window/dialogue box.

window/dialogue box
window/dialogue box

This command is to Disable the Auto windows update, so you have to scroll down and search and click on the windows update option, and then Disable the auto-update option.

Disable the auto-update
Disable the auto-update

Clear Browsers history and Cache

Temporary Internet files like the browser cache and cookies take up a little bit of your C drive space, so clearing those temporary files will grant you some free space.

In Chrome

go to “Settings -> Advanced -> Privacy and security,” then “Clear browsing data.”

In Firefox

go to “Options -> Privacy & Security,” then under “History,” select “clear your recent history.”

In Microsoft Edge

go to “Settings -> Clear browsing data -> Choose what to clear,” and make sure to select the “Cached data” and “Cookies” options.

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After following these steps, you have to clean up your Recycle Bin and remove all the Trash from your PC.

Empty Recycle bin


It’s good to go through this routine every now and then, but it’s advisable to make sure it doesn’t fill up in the first place.


This article is originally written by Mohit Chaprana.

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