20+ High-Quality Backlinks for Free

Google, Yahoo, Bing, and all other popular search engines are used algorithms to give the best content results to their users. Keeping this in mind we all do SEO to rank our sites or contents, but the algorithms of the search engines changes frequently but building backlinks (High-Quality Backlinks) is still one of the most important aspects of SEO & ranking factors. 

It can be expensive if you’re buying backlinks and buying links isn’t always good, since the website needs to be legit, but in the recent announcements, google warn bloggers/content owners who buy the backlinks that they won’t work anymore.

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So today, I will show you the best free high-quality backlinks for SEO, on the sites having very high DA-PA, that I know off.

Make high quality backlinks for free
High-Quality Backlinks will increase your DA and ranking also.

My backlinks suggestions will be both no-follow and do-follow. Some site owners think that no-follow backlinks are useless but I am a true believer that even nofollow links make an impact on your content because I have experienced this.

1. Support DU Web (DF)

High-Quality Backlinks

On this site, you will get a do-follow backlink by creating an account and adding website links into your profile through anchor text, and one more thing, this website is not in English.
Note: This website is in english, So, please use google translator.

Domain Details: L: 554K   LD: 2.67M  I:6.29K   Rank: 37.9K  Age: 2008|06|07   Rank: 2.30M

2.TP-Link Community (DF)

TP-Link Community
2.High-Quality Backlinks from TP-Link Community

This is a platform to get direct support from professional experts. 

And for making backlinks, you have to create an account & then you easily find the option to add your website.

Domain Details:L: 40  LD: 258K   I: 71.3K  Rank: 2.62K   Age: 2018|12|01

3. It’s my URLs (NF)

its myurl
3. High-Quality Backlinks from It’s my URLs

Make a list with your links and get backlinks completely free. 3

With you can create a free account and add your most valuable links to be shown on your profile.

Domain Details: L: 1.06K  LD: 5.86M  I: 20.9K  Rank: 60.7K  Age: 2009|07|25  Rank: 273K

4.Open Colleges (NF)

4.High-Quality Backlinks from Open Colleges

Open Colleges is Australia’s leading online educator, you can get a backlink from here by making a comment.

Domain Details:L: 1.21K   LD: 484K  Rank: 42.2K   Age: 2011|10|05

5. LinkTree (DF)

5. High-Quality Backlinks from LinkTree

Link Tree is a link/content marketing site and very similar to InfoMe – Make Bio links (Now, it is Giving Free Pro Membership). You can make a list with unlimited links to your site for free/pro. in just one click.

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This can even be useful if you use e.g Instagram and you want to have multiple links in your bio links.

Domain Details: L: 12.2K  LD: 8.01M   Rank:15.6k  Age: 2016|04|15

6. About me (NF)

6. About me
6. High-Quality Backlinks from About me

You can get a backlink on by creating an account, write a small description and then link to your website.

Domain Details: L: 31.5K  LD: 44.9M  I: 3.73M  Rank: 9.5K   Age: 2010|01|30

7. YALSA’s badges (DF)

 YALSA's badges
7. High-Quality Backlinks from YALSA’s badges

YALSA offers a wealth of continuing education activities, including e-learning and a biennial symposium. For getting backlinks, create an account and add your URL to your profile.

Domain Details: L: 3  LD: 121K   I: 1  Rank: 21.5K   Age: 2015|01|30

8. (DF)

8. High-Quality Backlinks from

This is a programmers community platform and you can get a backlink by postings some articles related to the CS.

Domain Details: LD: 1.93M   I: 215K   Rank: 8.80K   Age: 2011|02|20

9. Im faceplate (DF)

9. Im faceplate

9. High-Quality Backlinks from Im faceplate

On imfaceplate you can create articles (guest posts) where you can insert your link. 

Domain Details: L: 8.51K  LD: 6.99M  I: 14.5KRank: 39.1KAge: 2010|07|02

10. YouTube Creator Blog (DF)

10. High-Quality Backlinks from YouTube Creator Blog

On this, you can make comment and insert your link by using <a> </a> tag. 

Domain Details:L: 13.2K   LD: 210K  I: 8.95K   Rank: 5.36K   Age: 2016|08|28

11. Listly (NF)

11. Listly
11. High-Quality Backlinks from Listly
11. Listly
11. High-Quality Backlinks from Listly works like some of the others. You create a list of interests. To make this one stick, you’ll also want to include some links that are not your own.

Domain Details: L: 6.74K  LD: 7.33M   I: 22.0K   Rank: 30.8K   Age: 2007|05|21

12. InfoMe (DF)

12. High-Quality Backlinks from InfoMe

An inbound links maker website, and very similar to which provides free “pro memberships”.

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Domain Details: L: 117   LD: 141K   I: 16.5K   Rank: 900.8K Age: 2019|08|24

13. Somuch (NF)

13. Somush
13. High-Quality Backlinks from Somush is a link directory. Remember you don’t want too many of these, they can hurt your rank, so I suggest not having more than 5 links from a link directory.

Domain Details: L: 992k  LD: 22.3K  I: 1.73K   Rank: 58.6K   Age: 1998|12|06

14. Picktu (DF)

14. pikatu get High-Quality Backlinks is another high DA link directory, you can submit your links. It is a Web page directory providing easy access to a variety of unique content and quality useful Internet websites.

Domain Details: Backlinks: 88k  LD: 3.99K  I: 86Rank: 32.6K  Age: 2012|08|27

15. WordPress (DF)

15. High-Quality Backlinks

Create Free blogs on, write articles and create backlinks to your own website.

I’m not getting, this is really one of the best free backlinks for SEO, that you can get when you’re starting out. In my opinion of course.

Domain Details: L: 15.7M  LD: 352M   I: 126M   Rank: 60   Age: 2004|07|23

16. Blogspot (DF)

Like with WordPress, you can create a blog on Blogspot and posts small simple articles that link backs to your website.

Domain Details: L: 114M  LD: 1.50B   I: 148M   Rank: 260   Age: 1999|10|12

17. Medium (DF)

Sign up for an account and then publish your article with a backlink to your website.

Domain Details: L: 2.27M   LD: 396M   I: 19.5M  Rank: 101  Age: 1997|04|07

18. LinkedIn (DF)

You can actually create an account and add your website’s link to your profile and you can also write articles with backlinks to your website.

Domain Details:L: 7.46K  LD: 8.71B   I: 67.5M  Rank: 56   Age: 2003|02|16

19. Teckum (DF)

Teckum is all about news and mobile reviews, So, make a guest post which links to your website.

Domain Details: L: 578  LD: 3.28K  I: 872  Rank: 150K   Age: 2018|11|26

20. Slideshare (DF/NF)

Slideshare provides another way of creating links. You can actually have links in the slides. If you’re not lazy, you can also drive traffic to your website, if you make a well enough slide show.

Domain Details: L: 1.34M   LD: 210M   I: 6.07M   Rank: 151  Age: 2006|10|06

21. Quora (DF)

Answering the questions where you link to your website is a great way to get more backlinks and by adding your site to the profile.

Domain Details: L: 155K  LD: 42.3M   I: 18.0M  Rank: 248   Age: n/a

22. (DF)

Like with WordPress you can create your own website, where you publish content, that links to your website.

Domain Details: L: 20.3K   LD: 22.7K   I: 12.0K   Rank: 47.0K  Age: 2011|02|11

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22. Pinterest (DF)

Upload Pictures, infographics, flyers linked to your website, but stay away from spamming, otherwise they will block your domain.

Domain Details:L: 2.16M   LD: 98.6M   I: 3.14M   Rank: 147   Age: 2014|04|07

Useful Tips

  • Make sure your site doesn’t have broken links or dead links. Redirect these pages to your homepage to give it the link “juice”.
  • You can also comment on other websites. Sometimes you’re allowed to input a website. But your comment needs to be legit and not some spam bullshit. That is another great way to generate free backlinks but I don’t recommend it.
  • Doing guest posts for other blogs can be a way of earning backlinks. These often take time, but can we worth it.
  • You should also add your website to the google search console, bing search console, etc which may affect your search engine rankings.
  • Your piece of content is also matters.
  • Backlinks are only used to show the referring domains to the search engines, but it doesn’t mean that you make links by comments on the useless sites.
  • Don’t spam on any site, otherwise, they block your domain.
  • Use tools like Ahref, Uber Suggest, Keyword Keg, etc

If I forgot some useful sites which may allow us to make free and quality backlinks, please mention in the comments section.

Thank You,

Mohit Chaprana

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