Dragon Tales – Review

Dragon Tales by Mary C. Fairbanks is truly and entertaining book

Dragon Tales via way of means of Mary C. Fairbanks is really and interesting e- book, chock complete of twenty-4 dragon memories. Perfect for teens from the age of 5 to fifteen, even adults could be charmed via way of means of its pages.

The photos are particular and interesting, with a fashion that left me with the impact they have been created on a computer. Caregivers are probable to discover the morals to every tale useful to address teens issues with social interaction, self-image, overcoming self-absorption, information others and more.

The writer tackles many problems thru her lovable, but egotistical dragons or maybe thru unhappy and lonely dragons. She indicates the significance of freedom and dictates groups operating collectively to resolve issues peacefully.

The confusion among the manner that dragons and people view every different on this e book will resource in opposition to racism. Her characters discover ways to now no longer passively be given what absolutely each person else believes and stay via way of means of another’s prejudices.

Instead, Mary has the characters discover for themselves what’s the truth. Often, the younger characters have to ‘think’ their manner out of a scenario or discover ways to ask the proper questions – in preference to combating it or going for walks far from issues. I could suggest this fictional, children’s e- book of quick memories to anyone, anytime, anywhere.

ISBN#: 1554102545

Author: Marie C. Fairbanks

Publisher: Zumaya Other worlds

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