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Fetch Network Error: Can’t change Jetpack settings

If you are also facing Fetch Network Error and unable to make any changes in the Jetpack settings, then you are in the right place.

Fetch Network Error
Fetch Network Error

I’m also facing Fetch Network WordPress error a few days ago, I’m unable to change jetpack settings and I have solved this error by using these methods that we are going to discuss in this article.

Define your URL

First of all, you should check your URL, it must be correct.

If you have installed your WordPress with WWW & SSL, then your defined URL must contain that one.

You can check your URL by two methods:-

1. From WP setting


Change your WordPress Address(URL):


Change your Site Address(URL):

2. From config.php file

Go to your Cpanel/WHM, then open config.php file to edit and check the Define URLs (Follow the given slideshow)

OR if you don’t find any defined URL then paste the code given below.

Note:- Don’t forget to replace your site’s URL with the given one.


Check your Site Health

Check your site’s fitness status in Tools > Site Health.


you may also check this in Dashboard > Home > Check your Site Health

Check your Site Health

This web page will run some of the one-of-a-kind exams and offer both critical statistics approximately your WordPress configuration/bugs as well as objects that require your attention.

Check Your SSL Certificate

If you’re using an SSL Certificate on your web site, you need to take a look at its grade at SSL Labs.

SSL Labs
  1. It ought to be A or A+, and you shouldn’t see any errors. The maximum commonplace error here is that the certificates are self-signed.
  2. If you’re seeing any errors inside the SSL test, you must file this directly for your host as they’re the handiest ones who can repair these problems.
  3. Other than the SSL test, please make certain each SITE_URL and HOME_URL below Dashboard > Settings > General are the usage of HTTPS.
  4. Or you can solve your SSL problem with Really Simple SSL plugin.

Check xmlrpc.php

Jetpack wishes this record to connect to WordPress.Com.

You have to perform assessments here, and both of them ought to paintings.
Check yourdomain.Com/xmlrpc.Php.

This web page needs to return the following message:
XML-RPC server accepts POST requests best.

XML-RPC server accepts POST requests

The message has to look precisely the same, without any spaces or line breaks. Please experience free to examine yours to this example.

Note that, as in our example, your xmlrpc.Php document should be within the root of your WordPress install.

If you exceeded that test, enter your web page’s URL at the WordPress XML-RPC Validation Service.

Leave all the defaults as-is, and don’t offer any usernames or passwords if prompted.

If you see “Congratulation! Your website online exceeded the first take a look at,” you’re performed and have handed our second test.

If something is off along with your xmlrpc.php report in either of the 2 tests, please touch your web hosting provider’s support for assistance.

Reinstall and Reconnect Jetpack

Sometimes turning things off and on again truly helps! Follow these instructions for reinstalling and reconnecting Jetpack.
If the relationship nevertheless doesn’t work after that, attempt the other options on this page.

Look for Plugin Conflicts

Sometimes different plugins create a battle with Jetpack that blocks it from connecting to WordPress.Com.

To dispose of the possibility of plugin warfare, deactivate all different plugins one by one and reinstall Jetpack following the instructions above.

Check for Theme Issues

If you’re the use of a theme that’s now not nicely-coded, then the subject matter can be creating troubles with Jetpack’s connection.

You can also use a Theme Check Plugin for checking your theme’s standard.

Or simply switch to one of the default WordPress themes (like Twenty Nineteen) and notice if the Fetch Network Error and connection issues are resolved.

If no longer, try different options on this web page.

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Test Your Site Speed

Test Your Site Speed

Your website online must load in the first 5-10 seconds for the Jetpack connection to work correctly.
You can test your site’s velocity and overall performance with a variety of gear like the ones from GTmetrix or Pingdom.

You may also read this: How to speed up your WordPress website?

Check for the PHP XML extension

PHP desires the XML extension so that it will parse XML.

Check with your host to ensure the PHP XML extension is set up and lively for your server.

Other WordPress Issues

If you delete Jetpack out of your web site and you continue to keep to see errors or troubles for your web page, then those errors are most likely related to your website’s WordPress installation or different plugins that you may have installed.

In this case (while you’re sure that the issue isn’t associated with Jetpack), you should attain out to the WordPress.Org help forums. or you can also contact us, and we will glad to resolve your issue 🙂

If any of these methods works in your case, please let me know in the comment section.

Thank You.

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