How to use cloudflare? How to add a website to cloudflare with free plan?

To use Cloudflare, you will need to do the following:

  • Sign up for a Cloudflare account and log in to the Cloudflare dashboard.
  • In the Cloudflare dashboard, click the “Add a Website” button.
  • Enter the domain name of your website and click the “Scan DNS Records” button. Cloudflare will scan your DNS records and pre-populate the DNS settings for your website.
  • Review the DNS settings and make any necessary changes.
  • Select a plan for your website. Cloudflare offers a range of paid plans, as well as a free plan that includes basic security and performance features.
  • Click the “Add Site” button to add your website to Cloudflare.
  • Follow the prompts to set up your Cloudflare account and configure your website’s settings.
  • After your website has been added to Cloudflare, you will need to update your DNS records to point to Cloudflare’s servers. You can do this by updating the nameservers for your domain to the nameservers provided by Cloudflare.
  • Once your DNS records have been updated and your website is configured in Cloudflare, your website will be protected by Cloudflare’s security and performance features.

That’s it! You have now added your website to Cloudflare with the free plan. You can log in to the Cloudflare dashboard at any time to view your website’s performance and security data and make any necessary changes to your settings.

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