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Introduction to Programming – Day1

Today we are going to launch python programming series for you. But before diving into the course first we should understand why programming is necessary and why should we learn to program, let’s start with an introduction to programming.

What is programming?

We live in a digital society where everyone uses a computer or a mobile phone or most of the times both. It’s one thing to know how to use the apps/programs on such digital devices and it’s totally another to know how the logic behind them works. Knowing how to program, will helps us to understand and tinker with the world that we are living in.

Programming has become basic literacy for the 21st century.

Let’s watch a short video on why programming is important.

Computer programming is the process of designing and building an executable computer program to accomplish a specific computing result. – Wikipedia

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What is Program?

Let’s take an example of ATC to understand.

In the airport there are many flights landing and many flights taking off. Unlike road traffic, the flights don’t have direct information of other flights around them. The Air Traffic Control (ATC) at the ground gives instructions to each flight on what it should do.

Similarly, we give instructions to computer to accomplish specific tasks. Such instructions are known as program and the act of creating a program is known as programming.

The solution to any problem involves the above three aspects:

Let’s take a simple problem of counting the number of flights in the airport. At the start of the day there were 100 flights in the airport. Based on the number of takeoffs and number of landings in a day, how would you figure out the current number of flights in the airport?What can be the input, process and output for the above problem?

  • INPUT – 100 flights
  • PROCESS – total flights = initial flights + landed flights – Takeoffs
  • OUTPUT – total flights
short video on what is program
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Programming is always fun. Let’s have some fun

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Instruct computer in your own way

Real world examples of program.

  • Gmail
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • …….e.t.c

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Today’s Quiz

Match the following

How many flights have landed today?Optimization
Should a flight land immediately or circle in air for some more time?Sorting
Which runway is currently free?Decision
Among the many flights ready for landing, the flight with the lowest fuel level should be allowed to land first. How can it be done?Searching
1200 landings and takeoffs happen in a day with only 2 runways. How do you manage it?Counting


What is programming?

Programming is a technique of writing computer programs.

What is program?

Program is a piece of code used to instruct the computer for a specific task.

In which language program is written?

There are a lot of programming languages used to write computer programs.
it depends on the company and the technology being used.

How many programming languages are being used?

About 700 programming languages are being used in the world for different purposes .

Why should i learn programming?

In this age of technology everyone should have a basic idea that how technology works. for understanding the technology, it is neccesary to understand sprogramming.

What are most popular languages?

As i said above , it totally depends on the technology.
but there are some most frequently used programming languages.
1. JAVA(most frequently used language in the world)

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