Is internships are paid at Liveupx?

Not all internships at Liveupx are paid, and that interns will be paid according to their work:

  • Liveupx offers internships to individuals who are interested in gaining hands-on experience and learning new skills in a professional setting.
  • While some internships at Liveupx are paid, others are not. The payment status of an internship depends on various factors, such as the specific role and responsibilities of the intern, the length and scope of the internship, and the budget and resources available to the company.
  • Interns who are not paid for their work at Liveupx will typically receive academic credit or some other form of non-monetary compensation, such as professional development opportunities or networking opportunities
  • Interns who are paid for their work at Liveupx will receive compensation that is commensurate with their skills, experience, and the value they bring to the company.
  • The payment for paid internships at Liveupx will be determined based on the intern’s performance, their contribution to the company, and the market rates for similar roles
  • Interns at Liveupx are expected to work hard and demonstrate their skills and potential in order to be considered for paid internships or full-time employment with the company.

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