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Is Java enough for a successful programming case?

Now, the question is the difference between all of the languages like C, C++, HTML, python, etc with java as for being a good programmer,

You must know a lot of things, like data structures, algorithms, memory management, object-oriented programming, scripting, etc. and different language teaches you a different thing.

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Once you are good and comfortable with java, you can move to other useful programming languages like javascript and also go towards scripting languages like python, which doesn’t need to have complied.

When you want to be successful in programming carrier, you need to keep learning and evolving that’s the biggest challenge of this field because ”Practice makes a man perfect”, so when you want to be perfect you have to do practice more and more.

If you love programming and learn new technologies and languages, then this is the right field for you.

Another important thing for a successful programmer is to develop debugging skills, which is a reasoning based skill.

If you all good with reasoning and can make a conclusion based upon limited available information, then it will be easy for you to find problems and solve them.

Having a good knowledge of IDE like Net Beans, Eclipse, etc will also help you debugging you with your coding and debugging journey.

Java is blessed with a really excellent tools.

java programming language
java programming language

That’s all about this. In my opinion, Java is definitely an excellent language to start with programming.

Because it is simple than many other languages and focuses truly on programming rather than managing systems like memory management.

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Conclusion: Is Java enough?

In short, you can definitely choose Java as your first programming language.

And once you are comfortable, try to learn a couple of more, eg. Python.

You can learn Python from here: a series of articles on python programming written by Nishant.

In my next article, you will get more about Java-language.

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Richa Chauhan (Team MI)

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Why should we choose Java language 1st?

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