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[Solved] ‘pip’ is not recognized in cmd

'pip' is not recognized in cmd is the error shows up on windows when one tries to use pip in the command prompt. To...

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Best IPTV service

POWER LINK IPTV IS ONE OF THE BEST IPTV SERVICES IN THE WORLD We provide  20000 Channels 82000 Movies 11000 Series We Also Provide All PPV All Live Events...

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12 steps to meditation

1. Set aside a special place for meditation – the atmosphere you build up will help still the mind. 2. Choose a time when your...

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Fix Error Too Many Redirects in WordPress

Today we are going to learn the most common error in WordPress, Error Too Many Redirects. Let's get started:- You may also like these: Fix all...

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Successful Features of a Chat App in 2020

Have you ever think that why WhatsApp, Messanger, SkypChat, Telegram, etc became so popular worldwide? There is only one reason behind it i.e. their...

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