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Post Anatomy: The perfect blog posts writing guide in 2023

Posts are the heartbeats of any blog, if our posts are not attractive or creative then our heart (blog) may stop working. For maintaining this combination Post Anatomy or post architecture plays a very important role.

Post Anatomy
Post Anatomy

The post anatomy or architecture of a post is a type of checklist, that we should follow while writing for easily readable.

There are hundreds of things to remember while crafting a solid journal or a blog post which implies there is conjointly a lot to forget.

Make sure you must fulfill this checklist before hitting publish button and the checklist includes:

Post Anatomy: The Ultimate guide to writing blog posts in 2020
Post Anatomy: A perfect Blog post structure[image source]

Awesome Title (H1)

The first impression is the last impression and your heading is very often the first thing people will see, should be interesting. A good heading plays a very important role in grabbing the reader’s attention.

Use images, videos, and infographics

Make your blog more attractive by using images, videos, and infographics. You should also focus on your featured/thumbnail image (an image that represents your whole article and attracts the user to click into it).


If you succeed to convince your reader in the first 2-3 lines of your blog post then it is more likely to the reader to read your entire post.

So before starting your article, your article must have an opening paragraph in which you have to tell something about your article, give appropriate definitions, and topics you’re going to cover.

Sub-headings (h2, h3..)

headings in Post Anatomy
Headings structure in headings in Post Anatomy

After the intro, start your article in the sub-headings because they stand out because of their size and attract attention.

Using good sub-headings properly would also help you to rank in the search engines because the search engine’s robots are mainly scans from subhead to subhead, and they also serve as a guide to the reader while going down the page


content: Post Anatomy
Content: Post Anatomy

Every blogger wants to engage its users within the content. If you are also wanted to do so then you must use

  • various types of media like infographics, videos, gifs, slideshows, etc,
  • emotional lines,
  • researches,
  • screen-shots,
  • lists (help to highlights your sections),
  • slideshows,
  • and many more likely things related to your content.

Bouns Content

In this section, you may add content that is easy to understand and the reader can easily follow it. This section may consist of bullet points, download links, free e-books, etc, etc.


conclusion in Post Anatomy
conclusion: time to say goodbye

A concluding or final paragraph could be thanks to saying bye to your reader and ensure that the message you needed to convey is given an added time. In your final para, you should:

  • summarize the key points you want your readers to remember,
  • do a recap of the main points
  • ask a question,
  • offer a challenge,
  • ask readers to share your post,
  • give an invitation to your audience to give feedback,
  • create a closure, a sense of finality.

Related Posts

After conclusion is the right time to offer your reader something more to stay on your blog. So related posts are the best way to give a reason to stay on your blog. Add 3-4 relevant posts after the conclusion.

Last Thoughts

Let’s make a recap of the whole post.

  • Use headings,
  • use intro para
  • Use subheadings, lists, quotes,
  • use various types of media
  • ask readers to leave feedbacks,
  • ask readers to share your post,
  • add related posts in the end.

Thank You for reading this post.

Please leave your feedback in the comments section and if you find this helpful then please don’t forget to share this.

What do you think?

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