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Successful Features of a Chat App in 2020

Have you ever think that why WhatsApp, Messanger, SkypChat, Telegram, etc became so popular worldwide? There is only one reason behind it i.e. their unique and attractive Features. So, today we going to know about some Successful Features of a Chat App:-

Let’s Start:-

Successful Features of a Chat App1
Features of a Chat App

1. VOIP Phone Calls:

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) is the classification of technologies to deliver voice communication and multimedia sessions over the Internet Protocol.

2. Video Chats:

Lets to make calls directly to communicate with a personal touch experience with voice/video without an intermediate connection.

3. Group Calls:

The chat app allows the user further to connect with other users with the facilitation of group conversation through Video/Audio.

4. End-to-End Chat Encryption:

User safe encryption to secure from third-party infiltration. Prioritize in user private data security through advanced premium encryption technologies.

5. Cloud Service Sync:

Cloud Resource Platform synchronization to monitor, update, store, and scale the hosting environment.

6. Multimedia Support:

File transfer of various data formats such as video, images, Gifs, voice note, animation, documents, contact, and location.

7. Self — Destructing Messages:

Lets to send a whisper by tapping on the recipient name in a group where the messages can’t be seen by other persons.

8. Geolocation Integration:

Enhanced geolocation integration makes quite an effective flow of interaction on a real-time basis.

9. Calendar Synchronization:

Calendar sync provides a thorough knowledge of the events and tasks that will appear where you are yet to plan your day.

10. Multi-platform Chatting:

The cross-platform messaging will allow you to be engaged within your reach while at a desk or on the go.

11. In-app Purchase:

Choose your right monetization strategy to sell your app on the digital store to increase your app’s revenue stream.

Successful Features of a Chat App1
Some Other features of Chat Apps

12. Payment Integration:

UPI — Unified Payment Interface is one of the payment modules which is more secure, user-friendly, and allows instant payment.

VPA — Virtual Payment Address will use the email address which is registered in the particular bank account that can be shared publicly instead of a bank account number and IFSC code.

MPIN — Mobile banking Personal Identification Number is a 4–6 digit security code used to authenticate all types of money transferred via UPI

Written by Mohit Chaprana


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