Time management tips

  1. Keep a time log book always
  2. Make budgets
  3. Do important works 1st
  4. Utilize your traveling time
  5. Learn to delegate
  6. Know the Pareto rule 20/80
  7. Know Parkeivs law
  8. Be self-managed
  9. make a time table
  10. Get break to work
  11. Increase your work power
  12. Decide a deadline
  13. Learn to buy time
  14. Live in your present
  15. Do work on Right time
  16. Gravitational law of wasting time
  17. Learn from Newton’s laws of motion
  18. Result matters
  19. Decide the time of any work
  20. Wake up early in the morning
  21. Do exercise
  22. Stay away from bad habits, social media, laziness, T.V.
  23. Make plans for the next day.

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Written by My Inquisitor


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