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What are NULLED & GPL? Fully Explained?

Welcome to my blog, today I’m going to tell you all about NULLED & GPL in a very simple and short way.

Let’s start!

What is NULLED?

NULLED does not forever mean virus, nulled primarily means the licensing has been far from the script which it’ll work while not having to verify the license.

Unnecessary to mention it’s a pirated version and you’ll not get support and updates but free of cost.

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What will GPL stand for?

GPL or GNU” stands for “General Public License”.

The foremost widespread such license is that the wildebeest General Public License, or wildebeest GPL for brief.

This could be additionally shortened to “GPL” or sometimes “GNU” also, once it’s understood that the wildebeest #GPL is that the one meant.

The GNU (General Public License) is a series of widely used free software licenses that guarantee end-users the freedom to run, study, share, and modify the software. Wikipedia

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What are nulled themes, scripts or plugins?

free themes, scripts and plugins

Nulled themes, scripts, and plugins being a developer or a user, you, sure enough, discovered nulled WordPress themes or plugins.

There are a lot of websites and open platforms that provide free scripts, apps, WP-themes and plugins.

Well, this is obvious! every developer once used these types of codes to get the feeling of a hacker 😀

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It mean that they’re out there for downloading at no cost however not wrongfully – you cannot notice them on official market places like Envato Market.

Envato Market

You’ll transfer these theme for instructional or testing functions solely.

If you utilize null theme then company does not give any support you.

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Negative impacts of Nulled scripts

  1. You can’t demand support from the original developer.
  2. Scripts updates are not available
  3. The scripts may have any backdoor, that may enough to steal your database.
  4. It may contain malware code and then they start pop-ups on your site.
  5. It may kill your website speed.
  6. By using these types of themes and scripts could lead to blacklist your website by the search engines.
  7. You may lose full control of your website.

What do you think?

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