What is off-Page SEO? Definitive guide 2023

Today we are going to discuss another important part of Search Engine Optimization, Off-Page SEO.

In this article we are going to know about off-page SEO, why do we need it, how to do it, and its checklist.

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What exactly Off-Page SEO is?

What is off-Page SEO?
What is off-Page SEO?

All you do outside your website to boost your traffic and increase your visibility in SERPs, known as Off-page SEO. It is also known as off-site SEO.

It involves the activities that drive awareness and referral traffic to your website.

It consists of link building, social sharing, content marketing, give references (outbound links or inbound links), forums, maintain reputation, and brand equity.

Why do we need off-page SEO?

All the bloggers and content creators first do on-page SEO to make a page/post able to show in SERPs, but to it in SERPs practically, it needs so many others tasks and these tasks are named as off-page SEO.

Let’s take a simple example of a car manufacturing:

For making a brand new car, there are many stages: designing, assembling, testing, and then launching in the market.

Now let’s compare both situations which will make it easy to understand. Here:

Why do we need off-page SEO
Connect On-page optimization with Off-Page optimization [source]

Now as we know that every step/stage is very important in car manufacturing similarly every step is very important in Digital Marketing and off-page is one of them.

Off-Page optimization connects your content to the other contents of the community.

It also helps the search algorithms and ranking factors that are perpetually dynamic (not constant) to recognize your content and list it into SERPs.

Factors on which Off-Page optimization depend

As I earlier told you that off-site SEO is all about the efforts doing outside the website to improve its ranking in SERPs, so there are various factors on which off-site SEO depends, the major factors are:

Backlinks building

Creating high-quality Backlinks for our websites is our first priority during SEO, actually, it is a part of Off-page optimization.


In this, the website owners create backlinks on the other related websites to increase the number of referring domains that work as a vote for search engine algorithms and make it easy to rank your website in the SERPs.

For detailed knowledge on creating backlinks please read our this article:  How to Create High-Quality Backlinks for your website?

backlink types

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Social Posting

Social websites have a very high DA-PA and they gives an open opportunity to all of us to share our content and get tons of traffic.

social media post
social media post

Content is fire. Social media is gasoline. 


Social platforms are the buzzwords of the modern world. They’ve been therefore winning and robust in their entire existence.

They know how to engage users. These social platforms are the most effective playground for brand support and promo.

Things to remember during social posting:

  • adding unique & alluring description, that includes my keyword,
  • add relevant hashtags,
  • monitor your performance.

Guest Posting

Believe it or not: Related guest blogging/posting is one in all the foremost underrated off-page SEO techniques & related links (do-follow) produce native contentedness signals to Google.

Know more about Guest Posting in this article: What is guest posting or article submission?

So, find your niche related website that allow guest posting and write a unique article on that sites and make backlinks.

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Or if you wanted to target a particular region, then you will have to find the sites that serve that region.

Now, let me show you a way to try it:

Suppose I have to find an Indian website on SEO which allow guest post.

Then search [1] and you will find your desired websites list. write for us + seo

guest post SERPs write for us + seo


Forums are an excellent place to market your website and that’s obviously a part of off-page SEO techniques. Quora, Reddit, Yahoo Answers, eHow are the foremost important hubs from where one can gain lots of actionable info and authentic answers to their questions.

For example, when you searched anything on Google almost 80% times the QUORA is ranked on 3rd to 10th position on the first position.

Quora Ranking

Now, you can imagine the trustworthy and DA-PA of quora.

This is because they are an excellent playground to urge you to satisfy your peers and have a conversation with them on topics of interest to you. Similar to blog commenting or guest blogging, it’s good to say your brand, but avoid to try and do it bluntly.

These Q&A platforms are true gold mines but they need to be won first, by using the correct words, tone, and elegance when posting a contribution.

Make it relevant and transparent, especially when these mediums can bring you lots of organic traffic to your website, and if lucky, conversions.

Brand Building

Brand building is a new and best SEO trick! once individuals search in Google expressly mentioning your brand, it carries a lot of weight.

Here is an image example below, it gives signals to Google that “Nike” could be a well-known brand and offers it a lift for even widespread search queries.

Brand buidling
Brand buidling

Like this, you manage to publish nice content and put on the market effectively, individuals can begin talking concerning you and seek for your complete expressly in Google search.

It leads to nice rankings. The recent core updations, Google algorithm stressed on E.A.T. – experience, authoritativeness, and trustiness. If your web site isn’t trustworthy, Google could break your rankings.

For this you also have to work on your site to build users’ trust like:

Off-page SEO checklist


  • I have built high-quality backlinks (by guest posting and other things),
  • I linked my page and new posts with the older one and related ones,
  • I have submitted my article in the forums,
  • I have shared my posts on social platforms by adding unique, alluring description, that includes my keyword.

Now I’d Like to Hear From You

Now I’d prefer to hear what you have got to say: Which tip from today’s post does one need to do first? Leave your answers in the comments section or mail me.

What do you think?

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