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Why Java is a good programming language to start with?

We are having so many reasons to accept Java is a good programming language.:)

Here I may give you a couple of reasons, why I think that it is the right programming language to start learning to code.

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Easy to understand

It is simpler and easier to learn and understand the system of Java is much more readable than C, C++ any other language.

For object-oriented programming

When we want to learn object-oriented programming (OOP), so Java is good for that but not so good for procedural one, object-oriented programming helps us to prefer C there.

Object-oriented programming helps us to handle the complexity of a red world application.

It’s easier to think about items of class and objects.

java programming language: java is a good
java programming language

For Application Programming Interface

It is a rich source of API (Application programming interface), and you can do a lot more with Java including graphics, sound and most likely writing small games like Tic Tac, Toe, Tetris, etc.

Not that you cannot do that with other languages, you often need to download end install different modules and library with is a tough job for a starter when you install Java, most of these features come as part of the installation only.

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Catch mistakes easily

It is a strongly typed language, with the help of which we can catch many mistakes and resolve them.

This is another reason I suggest beginners to learn it first then python because python is a dynamic typing language.

Java has an inbuilt library

Java is a good programming language
Java is a good programming language

It comes with an inbuilt library collection, which is the plus point for the beginners. Dealing with memory management is a big thing at the start of learning programming.

These are some of the reasons why I think beginners should learn java first then any other language.

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My experience with Java

I may be biased because I am a Java-programmer, but I also know python and me here also alone professional programming in C and C++ from that experience.

I can say that it is undoubtedly one of the vest programming languages for beginners.

Thank you!

What do you think?

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