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Why should we choose Java language 1st?

In today’s scenario, there are some students who don’t choose any type of language for their future knowledge. Now, the question arises here, Is Java language a good programming language to start with?

Which is the best programming language for beginners? or Shall I start with Java or Python?

java programming language
Programming Language

Well, the answer to all these questions is, java is one of the most popular programming languages and there are a lot of reasons to learn Java.

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My most significant reason for choosing Java as in the context of the beginning programming language is that it is simpler to learn and understand.

One reason for this could be that C and C++ were the most prevalent these days than Java language, and the other reason for that is we don’t make a choice to choose the programming language.

According to ourselves because of our curricular that we have learned C as our first programming language in engineering college, then we learned c++, HTML, XML, and then Java.

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If you are convinced to start learning to code with Java then go for it and start learning.
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